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Terms of Use
NB: Please read through the following terms before your use this website. Unless you have accepted these terms by using this website, please do not use this website.
---- Use of this site
Unless you promise to retain all copyrights and other ownership information on all copies, you are not authorized to visit or download contents on this website. However they are exclusive for your personal non-commercial use. You are not allowed to modify, reproduce or show, publish and redistribute these contents by any means or commercially exploit them for any public or business purpose by other means. HexaFluo Chemicals Co.,Ltd. prohibits posting these contents to other websites or computer contexts connected to a network for any purpose.
---- Copyright
The contents on this website are protected by copyrights; any unauthorized use of them may constitute an infringement against copyrights, trade marks or other laws. Any failure of following these terms will deprive you of the authorization of using this website automatically and you must destroy any information downloaded or printed immediately.
---- Disclaimer
Material on this site is presented in its original form. No warranty of any kind is provided as to marketability, fitness for a particular purpose or not infringing intellectural property. Additionally, HexaFluo Chemicals Co.,Ltd. disclaims warranties in respect to the accuracy and integrity of material on this website. HexaFluo Chemicals Co.,Ltd. may without prior notice make changes of the material on this website or the products and prices introduced within, which may be overdue whereas HexaFluo Chemicals Co.,Ltd. is not liable for updating them.
---- User information
Any material or information sent or posted to this site by you is regarded as not confidential and not exclusive, for which HexaFluo Chemicals Co.,Ltd. is not liable. HexaFluo Chemicals Co.,Ltd. authorizer may at its discretion reproduce, disclose, redistribute, incorporate or by any other means make use of or/and store all data, images, voice, texts and other contents within for any commercial or non-commercial purpose. You must not send or post any material which is unlawful, threatening, abusive, libellous or indecent or which contains any form of illegal content.
---- Links to third party sites
Links to the third party sites are only offered as a convenience for you. If you choose to use those links, you must leave this site. HexaFluo Chemicals Co.,Ltd. has not reviewed those third party sites nor has any control over or be responsible for them and their contents. As a result, HexaFluo Chemicals Co.,Ltd. will not endorse nor make any statement on any information, software and other products or material on those sites, or any possible consequences arising from your use of them. You will be at your sole risk if you decide to link to any third party sites through this site.
---- Privacy policy
HexaFluo Chemicals Co.,Ltd. promises to take your privacy serious. HexaFluo Chemicals Co.,Ltd. use your personal ID information (which is any information concerning your name) in order to have a better understanding of your requirements and provide you better services. To help with our services, HexaFluo Chemicals Co.,Ltd. may track your use of our site. HexaFluo Chemicals Co.,Ltd. by providing this online term to make you understand our privacy policy before you choose to share information about your personal ID information with us. We will take appropriate steps to ensure its running within our corporation. HexaFluo Chemicals Co.,Ltd. make every effort to keep your personal ID information accurate. HexaFluo Chemicals Co.,Ltd. will not sell your personal ID information to others and is liable for the security of your information.
---- Terms of use revisions
HexaFluo Chemicals Co.,Ltd. may revise these terms at any time. You are kindly welcomed to make frequency visits to this page for the updated terms.