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About Us

HexaFluo is a leading manufacturer of specialty fluorinated chemicals and performance fine chemicals in China. Since its establishment in August 2007,HexaFluo has built up its leading research and development capability, outstanding scale-up capacity, and excellent production management system in a land of over 80,000 square meters in Fujian, a South-EAST province of China. Hexafluo has the annual sales multitens million US dollars .Hexafluo has been accredited as The New and High Company of Fujian Province since October 29, 2010.

HexaFluo has set up a comprehensive production facility with a total capacity of over 5000 metric tons per year for various specialty fluorinated chemicals ,including hexafluoroisopropanol (HFIP), hexafluoroisopropyl methyl ether (HFMOP), hexafluoroisopropyl chloromethyl ether (HFCMOP), Hexafluoropropylene Oxide (HFPO), Hexafluoroacetone trihydrate(HFA•3H2O), ethyl trilfluoroacetate (ETFA),hexafluoroisobutylene (HFIB), ethyl trifluoropyruvate(ETFPA), bisphenol AF,fluorinated surfactants (including potential substitutes for PFOA), fluorinated ethers (including PMVE, PEVE, PPVE ,and PSEPVE), and other specialty chemicals such as ethyl tetrahydrofurfuryl ether (ETE) since 2007 .Now HexaFluo is developing various fluorochemicals and specialty chemicals that bring a great potential for its future.

HexaFluo has been certified its Quality Management System to UKAS ISO 9001 since Dec 2008,its Enviromental Management System to UKAS ISO 14001 since July 2009,its Occupational Health and Safety Management System to OHSAS 18000(GB/T 28001) since July 2009, and its Measurement Management Syetem to ISO 10012(GB/T 19022) since October 2010.

HexaFluo is selling to China ,US, Italy, Holland, Germany, UK, Russia, Japan, India, Israel Brazil, and other countries. HexaFluo has established a good business relationship with many famous multinational companies.

HexaFluo is dedicated itself to be a long-term reliable supplier of specialty fluorinated chemicals for the customers all over the world, with first-class quality, competitive price, and fine services. HexaFluo is committed to satisfying our customers by leveraging our leading technology and service.HexaFluo is taking innovative and practical actions with integrity to create value for the society and make the environment more clean and green.